Charles Carrin and Dr. Abiola O. Dipeolu, Psychotherapist
Most of the contemporary Church lives at a standard far below what God intended. It has therefore been my focus over the years to try to "wake up the church." Response has been good and I have received encouragement from around the world. Certain articles have impacted readers with the realization that the Gospel of the Kingdom offers much more help than most Christians are experiencing. I am currently re-publishing certain ones that have had major impact. This topic is one of them.
Years ago a Christian psychotherapist called my office and asked if I would minister to eight or ten of her worst patients. These represented a wide spectrum of mental problems. I agreed, set up the appointments, and after hanging up the phone, was angered at myself for accepting the request. I had no experience in this area and had never attempted ministry to patients suffering from schizophrenia and parallel disorders. As the therapist already knew, people battling drug addiction, alcoholism, homosexuality, and similar problems, had experienced successful deliverance under my care. It was for that reason she called. But even with wonderful accomplishments in my past there had been a consistent pattern of failure with certain others. These people seemed to achieve successful deliverance only to discover a short time later that the entire process had to be done again. They could receive freedom but could not keep it. This was the aspect that frightened me about the psychiatric patients.
One memory of failure was especially vivid; it had taken place with an older woman in a high-rise apartment building in Smolensk, Russia. As a child she and her family had narrowly escaped the Nazi massacre in the Second World War. Thousands of townspeople had been destroyed. While ministering to her the Holy Spirit came powerfully, she cooperated in every way, earnestly wanted to be set free, and demons manifested in the same pattern described in the ministry of Jesus. But all similarity with Jesus abruptly ended there. We came to an impasse that could not be breached. Some unknown obstruction prevented victory. When neighbors in the building became suspicious at the woman’s strange noises they started banging on the door and threatening to call the police. I had to leave. The woman was still in bondage. And I was later told, she had undergone many previous attempts at deliverance but all of them had ended in the same unsuccessful way.
A few days later on the train back to Moscow I met the woman’s daughter and was told the full story of her mother’s harrowing escape from the Nazi bloodbath: Moments after her family’s crossing a bridge--the only way out of town--it was bombed leaving everyone else trapped in the city. The townspeople were then herded into an open field and machine-gunned to the ground. That included her relatives and friends. No one else escaped. Children and elderly folks, pregnant mothers and grieving husbands, perished alike. As I rode along on the train, listening to the war-story, I was convinced that her mother’s failure to receive deliverance was connected to the terror she experienced as a child.
Some may not understand what I mean by “deliverance.” Thirty percent of Jesus’ recorded ministry was spent in rescuing people from unclean spirits. People such as the woman in Luke 13:11 were attacked by spirits of infirmity, others by mental disorder, many more enticed into sin and immorality. Jesus gave authority over demons to the original disciples, then assured future generations, “These signs will follow those who believe. In my name they will cast out demons ...”.Mark 16:17 “Deliverance” is the current name given to that ministry. I not only consider myself a “believer” and possessing authority over demons but for more than 30 years have successfully ministered deliverance to thousands of hurting people. Even so, the psychotherapist’s phone call forced me to my knees for new understanding about the “pattern” of failure I had experienced.
The Holy Spirit answered, impressing me with three specific Scripture subjects and showing their application to the people’s needs. Each Bible verse spoke of God’s “regathering” His people. It was a wonderful revelation, one I prize to this day. The Scriptures were:
1. God's restoration of Israel to their land and to His grace:  Amos 9:11-15. Romans 11:25-36.
2. The final gathering of the elect: Matthew 24:31.
3. Identification of double-minds and its cure: James 1:7
The Lord then emphasized it was always His purpose to regather His people from wherever they had been scattered. That applied to nations, families, or individuals, who had become fragmented. Through the prophecy of Amos, God emphasized that He would make a final gathering of Jews to their mother-country. Jesus spoke of a “gathering” of God’s elect and their reunion in Heaven. The Holy Spirit then applied that “regathering” principle to individuals whose minds had been scattered. It was His will that they come to complete restoration. He then cautioned me that Deliverance Ministry was only the second part of their need. Before anything else, these people needed to have their minds “called together.”
I will never forget the first patient who came, a young woman who had been under psychotherapy for two years. In the first minutes of ministry the Lord showed me a picture of her as a little girl, probably four years old, hiding under an old wicker sofa with her arms and legs locked tightly into its springs and under-structure. She refused to turn loose and come out. And it would have been impossible to remove her without injury. The Lord explained, “What you are seeing is that part of her mind that is still hiding.” I understood this was a visible picture of schizophrenia. The woman who was sitting in my office was--in part--still a four year-old hiding behind the sofa. In that moment, I understood the Apostle James description of a “double minded” person, James 1:8. 4:8. who is “unstable in all his ways.” In the Greek text, “double minded” is translated from dipsuchos, literally, “two souls” or “two psyches." In the woman’s case, two “souls” were living competitively in the same brain angrily refusing to talk to each other. In effect, one part was protecting itself from a fear which no longer existed. The other part had become amnesic to any memory of it.
The woman’s need at this point was not deliverance--even though demons seemed to be rampaging. What she needed was for that hidden part of her mind to be coaxed out of hiding. This was key. Non-communicating parts needed to be reconnected. Deliverance ministry at this point might have appeared successful but she would have quickly returned to her tormented state. I remember praying desperately saying, “Lord, what do we do?!” The answer I received was to speak very lovingly, very reassuringly, to that specific part in hiding, to tell it the danger was gone, it no longer needed to hide, Jesus was now its savior and protector. I was not to command it as I would have a demon but to appeal to that tiny, frightened little girl to turn loose of the sofa and come home.
The word “home” particularly interested me. Further, I was to remind the traumatized part that no one else could fit into that empty place but it. That was its home. And it could fit no where else. It wanted to come home. It was tired of being in hiding. Tired of separation. Tired of loneliness. All those pains would end when it slipped back into place. I would then wait. Repeat the appeal. Coax it by saying, “Come on home ... you want to ... we will wait ... you don’t have to rush ... but you do want to come home ... ‘God has not given you the spirit of fear but of power, of love, and a sound mind.’” This process was repeated for the next two weeks. Soon afterward I received an excited phone call from the psychotherapist. She said, “I had that patient for two years and achieved nothing. You had her for two weeks and she is normal! ... I want to do what you are doing!” The good news is that all of the patients were completely restored or dramatically helped. One even sent a generous donation as an expression of gratitude.
But I need to emphasize this point: We ministered deliverance successfully to these patients only after the fragmented condition of their minds had been corrected. I know now that the Russian woman could have been healed--at least dramatically helped--had she received this type of ministry. Can I explain what happened inside these patients’ brains? No. Nor am I suggesting I have the cure for mental illness. I do not. Not all mental illness is spiritual in origin. There are many other potential sources. And I still experience failure. What I did worked in these cases. In addressing the question as to why Deliverance Ministry is unsuccessful in untreated schizophrenic patients, it seems that the offending spirit uses the person’s mental woundedness as their consent for it to stay. Once the consent-factor has been corrected, the gap closed, the darkness dispelled, the spirit can be forced out. Until this has been done we are wasting our time in attempting deliverance.
Bethesda Hospital in Boynton Beach– my home town--later asked me to conduct weekly worship and ministry sessions to patients in their psychiatric ward. This succeeded well until a patient complained about my using the name “Jesus” and the hospital (with their personal regrets to me) was forced to cancel the practice. I am well aware that most of the psychiatric world ridicules belief in demons. My grief, however, is not with the medical field but with the corporate church which refuses to practice the teaching of Jesus! Millions of Christians needlessly suffer from long-term crises because church leadership rejects Jesus’ instructions. How many pastors do you know who cast out demons? Microscopically few. On that point--controversy or not--I will yield no ground. I am 83 years old, have been preaching for 64 years, and am a committed disciple of Jesus Christ. He practiced and taught deliverance. I believe it. Since my baptism and renewal in the Holy Spirit years ago, I have witnessed almost all of the New Testament descriptions of demonic manifestations during Deliverance Ministry. And literally thousands have been set free. It is too late to tell me the teachings of Jesus do not work. I’ve seen them work!
But please hear this: Deliverance Ministry is not a one-time experience. There must be follow-up with all patients. Each must be warned that deliverance can bring immediate results but the renewal of their mind is a process. One without the other is not only futile but dangerous. Jesus taught that demons return to unprotected houses. Matthew 12:44. Everyone undergoing this type of ministry must defend themselves from spiritual re-infestation. They must become active in a full-gospel church, stay in fellowship with other believers, daily nurture themselves in the Scripture, and maintain a loving relationship with the Lord. This is absolutely mandatory.
Two Of My Psychotherapist Friends Share Their Opinion Regarding This Approach To Ministry:
Abiola Dipeolu, Ph.D.: “As a licensed psychologist for many years and now teaching at a university, I have had experiences with patients with high recidivism rate (Pedophilia and Axis II disorders, etc.), for whom psychology seems to offer little hope. About ten years ago, I came across Brother Carrin’s newsletter and through the years gleaned from its pages principles of kingdom living. His teachings on “re-gathering the mind,” “homecoming,” and “re-infestation” appear to be God-given keys of kingdom living. *Jesus talks about the keys of the kingdom. What are these keys? These are the keys that would open the doors that hitherto have been closed to difficult cases in psychology; if only we could appropriate them. Psychology does not have access to these keys--simply because they are available only to the children of the kingdom. Until now, the doors to the kingdom have pretty much been closed to these individuals. However, with these keys, they will finally be re-gathered home to stay.” *Matthew 16:19.
Another PHD Psychotherapist writes: “When Brother Carrin came to the aid of the Christian psychotherapist, he was probably unaware that many experienced and skilled psychotherapists perform as mirrors for their patients. I am a certified clinical psychotherapist practicing for seven years. When reflecting patient’s verbal and nonverbal behavior, some improve dramatically in therapy. However, when one considers severe mental disorders such as Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality (now called Dissociative Identity Disorder), and others, facilitating positive change can be quite elusive. What brother Carrin describes with concepts such as “re-gathering the mind,” preventing “re-infestation, and “homecoming,” goes a step farther. During his work with the therapist’s patients, he was able to mirror the Holy Spirit. Essentially, Brother Carrin found a way for the Holy Spirit to confront the person’s mental emotional demons which resulted in them not only being healed, but delivered, and eventually freed.”
Because of my travel schedule I am no longer available for private ministry. If you need help, take this information to your pastor and ask his aid. If he refuses, ask him again. Should he continue to decline, find some true believer who will  come  to your rescue. Most importantly, remember that you, as a believer, can minister to others. For further information, visit my website and read related articles linked to the home page entitled “Deliverance Ministry”. God bless you! Get free and stay free!
Report from Toronto
“Greetings Everyone, Toronto was amazing. Getting to see RT and Louise, and meeting Jack and Friede Taylor and Charles Carrin goes beyond description. RT has long been one of my favorite authors and speakers. Jack Taylor and Charles Carrin are in a class by themselves. The knowledge and power with which they deliver the Kingdom message is almost overwhelming. I was on the edge of my seat. I look forward to growing the relationships and learning everything that I can. They are terrific. “I am not sure what I was expecting in Toronto, but the experience was far more than I could have imagined. There was a continual, sweet presence of the Holy Spirit. There was so much love, and respect and appreciation everywhere. There was exhilaration to the point of wanting to stand and shout out loud. At the same time, there was an abiding peace that provided rest that for me is unequaled anywhere. Most difficult to describe, but wonderful to experience. John and Carol Arnott are truly gifted, anointed and called to be Father and Mother to the Nations. If you have the opportunity to attend one of their meetings I recommend attending. We have scheduled their School of Ministry for Thomasville, Georgia, the first week of December this year. It is a week-long event and they teach how to minister with power. We have to limit those who attend to one hundred. We will have registration on the ; website shortly with particulars. We will notify everyone when registration is available. — Very Best Regards, Charlie E. Lewis