Word, Spirit, Power Conference:

In June, Jack Taylor, and I, held a Word, Spirit, Power, Conference at Beltway Park Church in Abilene, Texas.  R.T. Kendall could not be with us. We asked Bob Phillips former Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City to fill in. Beltway Park Church has an amazing story. Pastor, David McQueen, grew up in the Church of Christ and graduated from their University. In 1987 he experienced the baptism-in-the-Spirit and God’s awesome renewal. On the edge of town was Beltway Park Baptist Church with an empty building. The congregation had died and its few remaining members were closing the doors. In that void, David became pastor. The Holy Spirit began to move and the church experienced New Testament growth. Today the original Baptist building is part of a complex one-quarter of a mile long with an auditorium seating more than 2,000. On the north side of town a second huge facility seats another over-flow congregation. This is not a "seeker-friendly" church with a watered-down gospel. These are God-fearing Texans who treasure the truth and are experiencing "Book of Acts" growth. In our Conference we saw thousands of people receive the Holy Spirit's awesome power! Hallelujah!