In the last 35 years I have written more than 1,000 articles on various Bible topics.  These were  circulated through Gentle Conquest, magazines, my website, and other media. During that time I also wrote 5 books which enjoyed wide circulation.  Sometimes daily, I receive requests from pastors, missionaries, other Christian workers around the world who want more material. I am always happy to supply what I can.  My commitment to the Kingdom is this: With God’s help I will never stop my writing ministry until He discharges me. I will soon be 83 years old and for the first time in my 64 years of ministry my situation is this: I need supporters who will commit $20.00 a month to help maintain the work.  Please pray and see if God would have you participate. If you cannot, please pray for others who will. Make your checks payable to: Charles Carrin Ministries and mail to P.O. Box 800 Boynton Beach, Florida  33435-0800  Thank you!  God bless you!