Charles Carrin Ministries


Many of you remember David Rhea, my young Assistant who traveled with me for a number of years. David and I met in 1999 when I was preaching at a city-wide revival in Mursphreesboro, Tennessee.  At the time I knew nothing about him  except that the Holy Spirit instructed me to “take him under wing” and speak into his life spiritually, educationally, and fatherly.  The year before our meeting David’s wife had died in a medical accident that plunged him into a deep pursuit of God. The search took him to the Pensacola Revival where he was miraculously filled with the Holy Spirit.  The electric-motor manufacturing plant where he was Foreman soon closed its operation and moved to Mexico. Stepping out on faith, David began traveling with me on trips from London to Alaska, across the U.S. to Central and South America.  In all my years of ministry,  I have never known a finer young man.

Later, when I took my family on a week-end cruise to the Bahamas, my wife Laurie asked that we include David.  He went, met the ship’s Gym Instructor, a beautiful Christian girl from Capetown, South Africa, Marelise Petzer, and a story-book romance followed.  Later, they were married, built a beautiful home in McMinnville, Tennesssee, and their son David, Jr. was born.  At my encouragement, the father organized his own ministry.  All went well until the economic collapse.  I helped as I was able.  Even so, David and Marelise were forced into foreclosure and lost their home. 

As I write this, they are living like Abraham who “went out, not knowing where he was going.” Hebrews 11:8.  So it is with them.  They have “no certain dwelling place.”  Even in that dire situation I have never known a couple whose faith “shown more bright and clear/When tempests raged without/That when in darkness knew no fear/In sorrow felt no doubt,” than these.  Their little family of three is an example of Christian principles at work.

David is called of God, anointed by the Holy Spirit, and gifted for ministry, but is also willing “to work with his hands.” As a family, they are beautiful to behold and beautiful in ministry. I recommend them to the churches. Marelise is an anointed teacher–and a beautifully submitted wife and mother.  David walks in Scriptural authority. Their son is a "prince" among children.  If the Holy Spirit directs you to call them, do so! David’s phone number is: 931-808-0238.  Above all, pray for them!  — Charles Carrin